Videos Celebrating Hope and Progress

Dealing with challenging circumstances and making changes to overcome them is not easy; however, with the right type of support it can be possible. We are proud of the families we work with as they take courageous steps to reach their goals.  Perhaps you may see a glimmer of yourself, your child or your family in these stories that you can relate to and find a sense of hope and encouragement.

The stories provided below are true, however, personal identifying information may be changed to protect the confidentiality and privacy of our families.

We always want to hear from our families! We'd love for you to share your success selfie with us. Record a 1-3 mins selfie that let's us know what success/progress you are celebrating. Email to tell YOUR story!



Three years ago, Michael worked with Bergen's Promise to address his low self-esteem and being overwhelmed with his care-taking responsibilities. 

Today, he has not only overcome these challenges but continues to sustain those skills and pay it forward to others in the community. 


Jennifer's Story

Jennifer is a 13 year old artistic girl struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem, stepping outside, and going to school. Through the foundation of her mother and sister, Jennifer was able to return to school, a positive home life was reinforced, and her natural strength in art was utilized as a coping tool.




Charlie is a 13 year old boy who was struggling with anxiety and depression. As a result, he began acting out at home and running away at school. 

Charlie worked with his Child and Family Team to work through these challenges and his mother benefited by a strong supportive bond with her Family Support Parent Partner. He has since taken on an active role in his community by volunteering.







Chilli's Story

Chilli is a 7 year old girl who was dealing with the divorce of her parents. As a result, she began acting out toward her father, experiencing anxiety, and throwing temper tantrums.

Through the willingness and commitment of her father Andy, Chilli and her dad were able to build a healthier relationship with one another. She was able to graduate from Bergen's Promise in just 6 months




Dylan's Story

Dylan is a 13 year old boy who has been living with autism since 18 months old.  He and his family were struggling with his aggressive, self-injurious behavior and lack of ability to communicate. Consistent and collaborative relationships between the school district, the family, and Bergen's Promise led to dramatic improvements for Dylan and his family.

Valerie's Story

Valerie is a 16-year old that overcame her substance abuse challenges by setting healthy lifestyle goals and working with her Child and Family Team.

Kara's Story

Kara is a 17 year old girl who struggled with alcohol and substance use. The support of the Child and Family Team helped her on the road to recovery.

Andrew's Wellness Story

Andrew, 10 years old, shared his exciting results and experiences working with the Child & Family Team which included his Bergen's Promise Care Manager, Courtney, his Wellness Educator, Amy, and his Intensive In-Community Therapist, Patricia. Through healthy eating, exercise games, and developing good communication, Andrew was able to see major improvements.

Kendra's Story

Kendra is a creative 15-year old able to achieve better control of challenges through strengths-based strategies and support she received from her Child & Family Team.


Valerie's Story

Valerie is a 16-year old that overcame her substance abuse challenges by setting healthy lifestyle goals and working with her Child and Family Team.