Information for Parents and Caregivers


We understand being a parent or caregiver is not easy and at this time you may be feeling frustrated, confused or overwhelmed.  We want you to know there is hope and we can help you set a plan in place with community based supports that can address your child’s and family’s unique needs.

In order to explain how Bergen’s Promise works, we need to dispel some myths as well as provide accurate information about our services as a Care Management Organization. 
  • We do not take children away from their parents or guardians.
  • We are not a branch of the Division of Permanency and Placement (formerly known as DYFS); however, we work together as partners in the Children's System of Care.
  • Our goal is to work with you so your child can remain safe at home, in school and out of trouble.
  • Our goal is to assist you in achieving the vision you have for your family. 
  • Your voice as a parent or guardian along with your child will direct what resources and services will be used. 
  • Your participation with Bergen’s Promise is voluntary. 
  • Click here to review the Youth and Family Enrollment Packet. This packet provides information and tools that will be useful to you throughout your Wraparound experience.  Your Care Manager will review this packet with you.
  • Your privacy and confidentiality will be protected at all times. See Notice of Privacy (Spanish version available here). 
  • Your youth is entitled to certain rights when you enroll him/her in services with Bergen's Promise. As a parent/legal guardian, you also have certain rights. See Rights and Responsibilities of Youth and Their Families
  • PerformCare is available to you if you have a concern about the services you have requested or are accessing through PerformCare, there are three options for a family: complaints, reconsiderations, and appeals.  Click here for more details.
  • Click Here to to review Bergen’s Promise Accessibility and Accommodations Plan.  If you have questions about accessibility or requests for accommodations, please contact your Care Manager.
  • Bergen's Promise, like all New Jersey residents, is a mandated reporter of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • In order to access services, call PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624.

Learn more about how Bergen's Promise works within the New Jersey Children’s System of Care and how it is designed to work together to provide families with the right help at the right time.