Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will Bergen’s Promise work with my family?
A. Families usually work with Bergen’s Promise for 6-12 months based on their individual needs. Approximately every 60 days, your Child and Family Team (CFT) will meet to evaluate progress and update the graduation date.  Please see your Enrollment Packet for additional information. 

Q. How often will my Care Manager meet with my youth receiving services from Bergen’s Promise?
A. Your assigned Care Manager will meet with your child up to twice per month dependent upon individualized service needs. This contact is called a face to face meeting.  Face to face timeframes and activities are individualized to ensure that rapport is maintained within the team.

Q. How often will my Care Manager and I be in contact?
A. In addition to bi-weekly face to face contact with your youth, a minimum of one weekly conversation between you and your Care Manager is required.  We encourage you to contact your Care Manager as often as needed, especially during times of crisis.  This will help to keep the team up to date and to continue to build rapport.

Q. What can I do to make my Child and Family Team more effective? 
A. Let us know if the plan needs to be changed to better address your needs:
  • Service providers should be a good fit and meet the needs of your youth and family
  • Ask for a meeting when needed
  • Identify convenient locations and times 
  • Identify additional team members to support you and your family
  • Encourage your child’s participation in treatment services

For more information on the Child and Family Team process, click here.

Q. Does Bergen’s Promise have the power to make legal decisions?
A. No. Bergen’s Promise is a non-profit organization that does not have any legal authority over children and their families. A family’s participation in our services is voluntary.  We are not authorized to take custody of children or to remove them from the home. In cases of suspected abuse or neglect, we are required to notify the Division of Child Protection and Permanency [formerly Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)]. 

Q. Can my Care Manager assist me with school, hospital, or court meetings?
A. Absolutely!  Please include your Care Manager in meetings such as these, to help ensure that all the providers involved with your family are working from a unified family plan.  

Q. Do I have to apply for Medicaid?  
A. Yes.  As per state regulations, each family who is involved with Bergen’s Promise must complete the NJ FamilyCare application, and accept coverage if eligible. Click here to find out more about this.

Q. Will applying for Medicaid affect my private insurance?
A. No.  Medicaid is completely separate from your private insurance and will in no way affect your coverage.  Medicaid will simply act as a supplemental insurance while you are enrolled with Bergen’s Promise.

Q. Will I be charged for Bergen’s Promise services or any services you coordinate?
A. Bergen’s Promise will not charge your family a fee.  Your Care Manager will work with your Child and Family Team to maximize the use of low cost, in-network and free sustainable resources. 

Q. Do you provide transportation?
A. If your family is facing transportation challenges, your Care Manager will work with your Child and Family Team to develop sustainable strategies to address this need.  


Click here to download a copy of these FAQs.