Mission, Vision and Values

Mission and Vision

The goal of the organization is to keep "Healthy Families, Safe at Home." Bergen’s Promise will provide exceptional care management services to keep youth and families physically and emotionally safe.

Our services will be built on the family’s strengths and delivered through a strong, coordinated network of community based providers. We will strive to provide the highest quality of care that will produce the most positive results for the youth and families we serve.


Click here to review Bergen’s Promise 2015/2017 Strategic Plan that identifies organizational strengths, limitations, opportunities, as well as a plan consistent with our core values below, that will serve as a guide for identifying resources and prioritizing new initiatives. Click here to review Bergen's Promise 2017 Annual Report.

  • Youth and Family Safety - We value keeping youth and families physically and emotionally safe. We do everything possible to protect the families we serve.

  • Strength based Philosophy - Our services are built on the family's strengths and lead to solutions that address the family's unique needs. 

  • Accountability - We use our resources effectively to maximize the benefit to our youth and families. Accountability is best achieved through a shared sense of ownership and an individual sense of initiative. 

  • Human Resources - Our staff is the central asset in keeping healthy families safe at home. We are committed to selective and diverse recruiting; professional development; goal oriented supervision; high staff morale; and retention through the recognition of exemplary performance. 

  • Performance Improvement Culture - A culture of performance improvement is achieved through objectivity, introspection, self-discipline, openness to change and focus. 

  • Partner Collaboration - We value competent, efficient, and effective community based care providers and resource partners, who offer diverse services that meet the various clinical and cultural needs of our youth and families. We expect our "Partners" to demonstrate teamwork, quality assurance and collaboration.

Our History

Bergen's Promise, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Since 2002, thanks to the strong partnerships with our local provider community, Bergen’s Promise has worked with over 4,000 youth and their families by helping them obtain essential services and supports.  Our many successful “graduations” are the agency’s most significant accomplishments.

Our Logo

Bergen's Promise Logo
This drawing was created by a Bergen's Promise youth. When asked why the adult's head is not shown, the youth replied, "The person extending a hand to the child could be anyone."