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Welcome to Bergen's Promise

Bergen’s Promise is the designated Care Management Organization (CMO) for Bergen County.  We provide care management services and coordinate an array of community based resources for youth ages 5-21 and their families.  The youth we serve are challenged by serious behavioral, emotional, mental health, substance abuse issues and developmental disabilities. 

Bergen’s Promise uses a Wraparound Model of Care, and provides a fresh perspective on helping families deal with complicated emotional and behavioral issues.  We believe success is best achieved when:

  • the youth and family are involved in the decision making process;
  • there is a focus on strengths, not deficits;
  • other family members, friends and community supports closest to the family get involved to offer guidance and support;
  • in-home and community based resources are used to address the most important needs;
  • a clear plan is created to achieve the family’s long-term vision of success.

We are proud of our success in working with and supporting families dealing with such a broad range of challenges. Since 2002, Bergen’s Promise has worked with over 2,200 youth and their families by helping them receive the necessary services and supports to achieve their goals.  Our many successful graduations are the agency’s most significant accomplishments.  Read about our success stories to learn more.